Our visit was brief, but still long enough to grasp a view…If you go keep the following things in mind. a) Don’t go on the bridges, you might get stuck in transfer (USA/CA) limbo. b) Go on Fridays or Sundays – there will be fireworks at 10 p.m. c) If you wait for the fireworks to start, have a hoodie ready. d) If you plan to go on the boat, make sure you pee ASAP after on boarding 😉 Facing this waterhole tends to keep people occupying the restrooms. e) Enjoy yourself.

American_Falls_Niagra_Falls_by_macnicolae.de_.jpg Niagra_Falls_by_macnicolae.de_.jpg Rainbow_Niagra_Falls_by_macnicolae.de_.jpg Horseshow_Falls_by_macnicolae.de_.jpg Niagra_Falls_Night_by_macnicolae.de_.jpg Niagara_Falls_Fudge_by_macnicolae.de_.jpg Breat_Canadian_Midway_by_macnicolae.de_.jpg